Family Education

Ranch Creek Recovery makes family education and counseling a very important part of our programs process. We know that a lot of the time family is the encouragement for the clients admission, and they will be a large part of clients outcome after treatment. It is important for family members to receive the education in order to fully understand the addiction and help the client succeed.

We offer weekly family sessions, as well as private phone calls or video calls for those who are out of state and unable to make each weekly session. Our counselors will work with you on your availability to make sure you are receiving education and counseling sessions. We also offer a 2 day family intensive for those that live out of state and would like to make the trip out for in person sessions.

Family will learn and practice healthy communication and relationship skills. The group work prepares the family for flowing smoothly into continuing care. At Ranch Creek Recovery we have licensed and certified counselors that run the family program and provide education and group therapy.