I just wanted to thank everyone at the Ranch for the life that I have today. I loved every aspect of the holistic part of the recovery. Every single staff member was supportive and played an important role. I have been to other recovery places but found Ranch Creek Recovery to be the most successful by far. I had better hope with my 90 day stay. It felt like home away from home in a very caring atmosphere. Today I am happy to share that I celebrate a YEAR and a month sobriety!!!! I am so grateful to my family and to everyone at the Ranch for the peace and light I have now.


Thank you for all you have done to restore balance in our home. This past year has been a blessing and the future never looked so bright!

-Angelica’s husband

It really was one of the best experiences of my life. The people I met, the talks we had in group and outside of group, the coping skills I learned in group and the individuals I had with the counselors all helped me so much. I feel that I learned everything I will need to help me with my recovery. I really don’t think that there is a better program out there. I’m really going to miss RCR (the place itself) but most of all I’m going to miss the people I met, I will never forget them. I’m so thankful to have been able to come here! Thank you!


In the time I have spent at RCR I have found the staff to be caring, professional and concerned about me. They not only treated me as a client in recovery, but as a person. They have taught me to respect myself and my feelings. I have made friends with all who work here and I know I can call anytime if I need to talk.
RCR truly cares about the people who come here for treatment. They treat the person as well as the addiction.


My experience here has been a really positive one. I have never been treated so well by perfect strangers and I have never had so much peace of mind. I really appreciate everything everyone does here. Being in such a beautiful environment with such nice people has made getting clean and sober one of the easiest things I’ve done with my life. I finally have hope for my future and for my sobriety.


I love this place and the fact that they have dogs…It saved my life. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone. The staff was a great help. They treated me well and always were attentive to my needs. They were very helpful and always there for me. All of the staff taught me life changing ways to cope with my everyday stresses and were awesome in showing me a great relapse prevention method.

-Brandon M.